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February 12, 2013 |

With the help of marinade injectors, one can inject interesting flavor in the meat. By injecting marinade, not only does one enjoys added flavor but also the meat becomes tender and juicy. There are several marinade injectors to choose from in the market but everybody searches for one multi-purpose injector.

This turkey injector is the answer to all cooking problems

The plastic 30 cc syringe or 14 g spinal needle can’t stand the pressure of the heavy hand required to inject marinade in the meat. This injector is sturdy and fits the bill too well. One can’t break it no matter how much pressure you apply. The side holes are indeed better as compared to the end hole of the needle.

With its help, one can get more flavoring at the right place where it should be.

All the ham and turkey just tastes heavenly after using this injector.

The injector is really worth the price especially if you are an avid hunter or in fact for anyone who likes to inject their meat with marinades and flavorings.

best marinade injector

The injector is also a blessing while using dry products. The Bayou classic stainless steel injector comes with a needle for herb kinds of marinades too. The needle is quite sharp and sturdy and one can hardly imagine a meat that the needle can’t penetrate into.

While injecting bigger herbs, one might although need to pull or push their work through but the injection works flawlessly. The classic injector gently slides into the chicken breasts and is also super smooth and easy for injecting the exact amount one need.

 marinade injector for sale


The injection is built like a tank.

Although the absence of a rubber washer may be a source of complaint for many but then it is hardly used for injecting pure liquid marinades so it is not a huge problem at all. The best part of the injection is that it is extremely easy to clean. One just needs to unscrew the needle and the cap.

The injection looks strong and sturdy enough to last a lifetime. So whether you eat turkey or chicken daily the injection would get to see a lot of injection and would never leave your side. The injection comes with a capacity to inject around two ounce of seasoning and two strong stainless steel needles-one for minced marinade and the other for liquid marinade.


The injections are sure to give perfectly seasoned and moist food. The needles are quite strong and sure to last for a long time. The injection is perfect to be used whether one is a beginner or a professional cook. According to many, this is the best marinade injector that they have used till date.

All the pieces of the injection are made up of utmost precision. It works smoothly with all the parts working great and with no leaks at all. The injection needs zero resistance. You would be doing yourself a big favor by ordering this wonderful piece of cookery and would make perfect use of your time.



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